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And So It Begins…

by on Oct.24, 2011, under Models

…White Star construction that is. I’m excited and terrified all at once here and that is a scary thought. I think the “terrified” part is a result of my innate overachieving perfectionist nature and the fear of making the slightest mistake and ruining the model. I just have to keep telling myself that I’m not going to biff this and it will turn out just fine in the end.

Meanwhile the first stage of putting a model together is, hands down, the most boring part of the process. Cleaning and smoothing out rough edges is so exciting. And lemme tell ya, this wee beastie has a lot of cleaning and smoothing on the calendar. But I think if you can get past this part, then the rest will be a piece of cake. Okay, except maybe for the decaling. But we’ll get there when we get there.

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White Star – Initial Impressions

by on Oct.10, 2011, under Models

Earlier, I had mentioned my “what if” model that triggered my venture back to this small corner of the world. The wee beastie is none other than the White Star from Babylon 5, which I’ve recently watched for the first time. (Yes, I lose geek points here for not watching it sooner, but that story is another post for another time) I’m also a sucker for space ships, so naturally I would fall in love with the ship design and want one for my very own.

The initial thought that’s been mulling about in my brain on this one is how am I going to paint that gorgeous blue organic skin that’s inherent to the White Star. Everything I’ve been reading points to “there’s no good way to paint the organic skin and have it look good.” Everything I’ve read indicates decaling is the way to go with this beastie. The fact that it’s massive decaling is somewhat frightening. After all, it’s been /years/ since I’ve touched a model, yet alone intensive decaling.

One of the crazy projects I’ve been mulling about is digging the ole Seaquest model out of storage, and working on painting on the organic detail on /that/. It’s a bit of a cheat because the model has the organic veining inlaid on the model itself, so it’d be a matter of painting in the lines. As it were. Thinking positively here, it’d probably be good practice on the organic veining, at least to get an idea of how to draw it.

Another thing I saw on a different model was that someone “drew” the organic skin by drawing a massive series of dots. I’m not sure how well that would work in this instance, but it’s definitely an option to try out on paper.

At first I thought that making a template and airbrushing through it would work well, but that also relies on being able to draw well. And drawing well I cannot.

But then, after a great deal of research, I found someone who posted their White Star decal templates online, which may or may not be useful. I won’t know until I sit down and play with the model scale versus the decal scales. Barring that, I also found a texture graphic that I need to experiment with as well and see if I can come
up with a decent organic texture to work with. After more research online, (Google is your friend and then some) I found a site that sells SciFi models and baubles that happened to sell the White Star decals for the model kit I have. Spare one crash course in organic skin painting. Whew.

Needless to say, I wasn’t in shock when I received the White Star model in the mail and there weren’t any decal sheets included, just a mediocre graphic that the coloring was way off on. I was mostly expecting that to be the case, hence the massive amounts of research. And research I found, not just for the White Star, but
I also found some positively gorgeous renders of the Aggie, a wishlist project I want to do at some point.

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Insert Initial Witty Title Here

by on Sep.29, 2011, under Uncategorized

Ah yes… this writing thing. It seems I fell off the bandwagon ages ago. It’s not
that there wasn’t anything to say, it’s that I’m sure it was all excrutiatingly
boring. And it was. Who needs to hear a weekly laundry list or a store shopping

For a while now I’ve been contemplating going back into the hobby of making models,
and a couple weeks ago I had a “it’d be really cool if this was made” moment. It was
also a day I was puttering about on Ebay and lo and behold, there was a model there
for my “it would be cool” item. It so happens that the “it would be cool item” has
triggered my interest in model making again. And here I am, having decided that if
I’m going to be going down this road again I might as well keep track of my progress
this time around.

Back when I was working on models as a hobby several years ago I never took any
photos of what I was doing and the completed results, some of which I have stored in
boxes, and the in progress kits were tossed during a house move a few years back. I
couldn’t tell you why I got rid of them, but I did. The tally there was a partially
finished Deep Space Nine station kit, a mostly finished Runabout kit (from DS9), and
I can’t remember what I did with the Deep Sea Transport model from Seaquest. I don’t
remember if I kept that one or not, and since I haven’t unearthed that box yet, I
won’t know for sure.

I’d love to get my hands on another Stinger kit from Seaquest and paint it the way I
originally wanted, which was a blue gradient, the kit I finished ended up being a
solid metallic blue. I probably have a better chance of witnessing pigs fly than to
find a kit for that.

I’m digressing. What I want to try to do with this incarnation of this site is to
keep track of what I’m working on, along with various other geeky bits and baubles.
I lost interest in writing about mundane things ages ago, and I think I can get
geeky down much easier.

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